La armonización penal en materia de terrorismo como ejemplo de irracionalidad político-criminal

di Noelia Corral Maraver

Desde hace décadas el fenómeno terrorista viene despertando un creciente interés en las diferentes instancias internacionales, hecho que se ha ido incrementando con el progresivo surgimiento de un tipo de terrorismo de corte transnacional.


For decades the terrorist phenomenon has generated interest of the supranational bodies. Thus, we can find many treaties and conventions on combating terrorism both within the United Nations and the Council of Europe. The European Union is also involved in this struggle, which only became a real priority issue after the terrorist attacks of 11-S 2001 in the US. However, the EU approach to terrorism is improvised and show scant regard for fundamental rights and legal guarantees. The European criminal law are changing the Member States´ criminal systems in a harsher way. In the Spanish case, the transposition has been carried out by the Laws 5/2010 and 2/2015, that are not consistent with such fundamental rights and legal guarantees.

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