Il paradigma del neutro: la tecnica della certezza dell’incertezza

di Pier Luca Marzo

È il 1926 quando Wassily Kandinsky, nel clima culturale del Bauhaus, dà alle stampe la prima edizione del saggio Punto, linea, superficie (2010). 


This paper focuses on the state of paradigms in the Age of Technique. What we indicate as a paradigmatic transition as well as the disciplinary division process, is the effect produced by the impact of technique on the world of knowledge. Within this framework, the paper tries to understandthis effect of impact through a paradigmatic atypical form: that of the neuter. In order to describe this atypical paradigm, this paper is divided into three parts. The paradigm will be first explored as a conceptualplace through the categories of point, line and surface. These three elements produce the plan of representation in which the phenomena appear as an image of truth. It will then move outside to reach the land of “uncertainty”; it is here that thought loses and creates paradigms. In the final part, the paper, will put in evidence the paradigm of the neuter as a totally abstract reticulated space able to deform any figureof truth. As such, this paradigm is the operative space of technique.

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