“Il disordine esistenziale” e il difficile transito verso l’età adulta

di Silvia Fornari

Insicurezza sociale, intimidazione, paura, rischio e dinamiche relazionali correlate a questi aspetti, sono state oggetto di ampi studi di numerosi autori.


The considerations on the narcissistic state of todayʹs society, advanced by several authors, highlight the prevalence of hedonistic and selfish interests of men and women, favoring the development of their personality mostly immature and childish. The structural weakness of Western individuals in the construction of oneʹs personality stands out and is manifested primarily in their difficulties, more and more obvious, to become mature persons, able to make choices about their own life paths. The postponement until avoidance of life choices seems to be the dominant prerogative, as to mark persons increasingly without any responsibility and disengaged with respect to the own and another’s future; lost persons without critical analysis of the reality in which they live nor prospective thinking and/or a life project. 

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