O dentro o fuori. Paura, esclusione e islamofobia al tramonto della modernità

di Valentina Grassi

La questione della marginalizzazione e dell’esclusione sociale è sempre stata al centro della riflessione dei sociologi, tanto dei classici quanto dei contemporanei. 


The emotional state of fear affects the subject, who undergoes an emotion that announces a condition experienced as a danger. In a hypothetical scale of progression of crippling characteristic of fear, the ex-treme ranks terror: it indicates a state of uncontrollable fear of an immi-nent danger condition that is not necessarily true. The history of the notion of terror is very interesting to understand how it was associated with what today is meant by “terror”. Terrorism by Islamic fundamentalism of the twenty-first century is characterized by violent acts, such as suicide explosions and shootings in public settings frequented by the civilian population. Related to the situation of international tension, we can see one of the most significant social marginalization of our time, with catastrophic consequences: the one against Muslims in the West society.

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