Lo stato di emergenza e la (irrinunciabile) saldezza dei valori di libertà di un ordinamento democratico

di Luca Buscema

Il valore costituzionale della pace, principio supremo dell’ordinamento, come noto, si traduce nel ripudio della guerra alla stregua di strumento di offesa alla libertà dei popoli e quale mezzo di risoluzione delle controversie internazionali.


The state of emergency, be it strictly military character, or connected with the outburst of indiscriminate violent acts of terrorism, puts legal systems, inspired by the basic principles of modern constitutionalism, in the difficult position to provide tools for prevention and / or repression, that ensure an acceptable level of safety and do not compromise, irreparably, the hard core of the values enshrined in democratic constitutions.

This implies the need to identify a priori appropriate bodies to approve the state of siege and involves the logical corollary to define the official and substantial limits, within which the (temporary) suspension of fundamental human rights can possibly be arranged, in order to find the right balance including the need to preserve the immanence of free institutions, without, at the same time disclaiming and / or mortifying the axiological foundations on which they themselves are ruled, in view of the affirmation of a political/constitutional settlement directed to the sense of protection and promotion (even towards enemies) of the individual’s inviolable rights.

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