Artemi Rallo Lombarte, The Right to be Forgotten on the Internet: Google v. Spain, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), 2018, pp. 248

In Google v. Spain, the Court of Justice of the European Union extended the fundamental right for privacy protection, concluding that search companies, in some circumstances, could be required to remove links to private facts. The decision provoked widespread discussion but one of the key voices was often not present.

The Right to be Forgotten on the Internet: Google v. Spain, authored by the former Spanish Data Protection Commissioner and now available in English for the first time, charts the history of the case and describes the key arguments underlying this landmark decision.
Artemi Rallo details the earlier disputes before the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the Google v. Spain decision itself, European scholarship and related legislation, as well as significant precedents from European, American, and international courts. Rallo, who is also a Constitutional law professor, provides a thoughtful, detailed account of one of the most significant privacy cases of the modern age.

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